Knee, Ankle Supports & Stockings

Knee, Ankle Supports & Stockings

Superior knee prop, lower leg prop, pressure socks, and propping bolster innovation for needy. It additionally shields from getting harmed.

Below Knee Stockings

ALBAT below Knee Stockings helps in relieving moderate or even severe varicose. This is post surgical wear.

It has equal compression which also allows smooth blood circulation. This is a one pair pack which is used for supporting muscles.


Hinged Knee cap

ALBAT Hinged Knee cap is recommended when you are suffering from any kind of sprains. It is also helpful for arthritis patients. Different sizes are available here and this knee cap is built in with some special material allowing the skin to breathe easily.

The free movement and flexibility can be found through it.

Knee Brace

ALBAT Knee Brace is made to control and restrict extension of the knee joint. This has several joints fixation to allow range of motions.

It provides relief & support to injured operative knee.


Knee Cap Premium

ALBAT Knee Cap Premium is a premium or the advanced quality knee cap which provides support to the limbs and the joints.

It again has a light weight and has an additional lock design. This can be a great one for post rehabilitation care. Arthritis conditions can also be used during arthritis.

Open Patella Knee cap

ALBAT Open Patella Knee Cap is helpful in diagnosis and treatment of patellar instability. The patellofemoral pain is also reduced by using this knee cap.

It guides the patella giving proper alignment with gentle pressure from lateral to medial direction. It prevents dislocation.


Varicose Vein Stockings

ALBAT Varicose Vein Stockings provides controlled compression to the legs. It also slows down the progression of varicose veins.

It has a good design as well which leaves an impression on the skin. It provides relief to the tired veins, feet and sometimes ankles as well.

Knee Stabilizer

ALBAT Knee Stabilizers are specially made to provide perfect grip to the knees. It has a strap support to provide more mobility and motion. This is perfect for running, basketball, injury recover, arthritis and more.

It has breathable material which retains heat and fastens the recovery process.