Body Belts

Body Belts -

Body belts ought to be utilized for work situating just or be utilized related to a full-body outfit to give fall insurance

Abdominal Belt

ALBAT Abdominal Belts are specially recommended in cases of pregnancy, post operation support and in case of caesarian or abdominal surgery. It is an ideal belt for the lower, middle or even upper abdomen too.

It provides relief and support after surgery. It is appropriately made to allow the skin pores breathe properly.


Chest Binder

ALBAT Chest Binder is used in the thoracic region to compress and support the rib cage in case of injury. It allows support and flexibility and makes you feel comfortable.

It is helpful in reducing post-operative pain and discomfort.

Hernia Belt

ALBAT Hernia Belt is specially made to be helpful for the hernia patients. It can be used and applied gently to reduce inguinal hernia.

It provides a constant gentle and comfortable pressure pushing the hernia back. It provides control, compression and comfort.


Hyper Extension Brace

ALBAT provides extension and stabilization of the spine in the sagittal plane. It is an easy going process to slide and screw the brace.

It is made to support the anterior vertebra and it provides comfort. Better impact absorption is also possible through it.

Lumbar Sacro Belt

ALBAT Lumbar Sacro Belt controls lower back pain by stabilizing the lumbar, sacral and the pelvic region. It is specially made to give relief to Spondylosis or disc diseases too.

The application helps relieves pain in lumbar region or even in the post delivery condition.


Lumbar Sacro Contoured Belt

ALBAT Lumbar Sacro Contoured Belt is helpful in immobilization. It also reduces muscular discomfort and it provides a great relief to spine.

It is designed in such a way that it provides rigid and comfortable back-support. It also has double elastic strapping for firm support.