Cervical Aids

Cervical Aids –

It is intended to encourage the procedure of recuperation from Cervical Spondylolysis. The item offers consistent help and is agreeable to be worn throughout the day.

Cervical Collar

ALBAT Cervical collar helps in providing support to the cervical region. It is also helpful in post-operative care of the entire cervical region.

Best one for the spondylitis patients and for neck sprain. The material is also such that it allows comfort and ventilation.


Cervical Philadelphia Collar

ALBAT Cervical Philadelphia Collar is specially designed to provide comfort and immobilization. It is helpful in the case of cervical fracture. The accidental victims can also use it effectively.

It is quite light weighted and durable.

Round Cervical Pillow

ALBAT Round Cervical Pillow is ideally made to provide spinal alignment and therapeutical sleep posture. It can also be used under the back and knees or ankles.

This pillow has low allergy content. It can be very comfortable to all.


Cervical Traction Collar

ALBAT Cervical Traction Collar provides traction to the cervical and upper dorsal vertebras. It also provides support to neck. This is a perfect one in providing ergonomic support for the back sleeper.

One of the relaxer bed pillows at your home. This is also improves neck posture.

Cervical Pillow

ALBAT Cervical Pillows are well meant to cure cervical problems while sleeping. It is soft and very comfortable which relieves back pain, neck sprains, stiff neck and more.

The covering provides a soft feel and durability. It is more like a cushion and stiffness is just the appropriate. A good muscle relaxation can be felt by using this pillow.