These surgical masks cover the mouth, nose and jaw, giving an obstruction to limit the immediate transmission of infectious operators among staff and patient.

The Surgical masks or even gloves are the right method to prevent any transmission of infections to the patients or similar. These are the perfect way to stop spreading of diseases while surgery from one person to the other.

Multipurpose Face Mask

It is really a multipurpose face mask which prevents spread of diseases from one person to the other and it has a perfect filter to provide sufficient intake of fresh air.

It can also be used to prevent the intake of dangerous gases which is now very prevalent in metro cities. It is a disposable mask as well.

Face Mask
Lifetone Latex Gloves

Latex Examination Gloves

It is a product which is made of natural rubber, Latex. The white color of it determines that it is not very old and is easy to use.

It fits either hand and is specially designed to make the process of medical examinations easier. These are made of medical healthcare professionals only.

Surgical caps – Bouffant Cap & Surgeon Cap

The caps are disposable in nature and it is also non woven. These are specially designed for the medical professionals to use it during surgical process.

The cap is adjustable and can be fit for any individual.

Surgi-Tex Non Woven