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Catheter Tray Manufacturers & Exporters in India

Albat Remedies is a trusted name in the medical industry, excelling as catheter tray manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers in India. Our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation ensures that our products meet the rigorous demands of healthcare professionals.

As catheter tray manufacturers, we use advanced technology and high-quality materials to produce durable, sterile, and efficient catheter trays. Our trays are designed for optimal functionality, ensuring the safe and organized handling of catheters in medical settings.

Our expertise as catheter tray exporters enables us to serve a global clientele, delivering top-notch medical solutions to healthcare facilities worldwide. Albat Remedies is proud of its robust export network, ensuring timely deliveries and adherence to international quality standards.

In our role as catheter tray suppliers in India, we maintain a reliable supply chain that ensures our high-quality catheter trays are always available to hospitals, clinics, and other medical establishments across the country. Trust Albat Remedies for superior catheter trays that enhance healthcare efficiency and patient care.

The Albat Catheter Tray is made of Heavy Gauge Stainless steel which is used to keep catheters. It is very much cost-effective and is having a smooth surface to make it easy to carry.

The tray is provided with a lid so that the safe usage can be seen.

Catheter Tray Manufacturers & Exporters in India
L x W X H
Item Code MM Inches
SY 2201 50 x 100 2 x 4
SY 2202 50 x 150 2 x 6

Stainless Steel Specification

The following grade and thickness are offered:

Grade: SS 304 Grade or SS-LN Grade

Thickness: Standard Gauge (0.45 to 0.5mm)

Heavy Gauge (0.6 to 0.7mm)

Note: We also offer different grade and thickness on request